Tears are composed of water, salts, antibodies and hormones.
Tears have an unique chemical composition,  depending on the conditions or emotions that spring them. 
Tears create an unique composition: It belongs to You.

For the opening of BIOMA Lab, 16 participants catched their tear. The results and cause of the tears, are showen below.

Do you wish to catch your tear for the creation of an Artwork? Contact BIOMA Lab.

  1. Watching Emotional TV – Unconditional Love
    PTSS – Menstruational Vurnability
  2. Thinking About Childhood – Nothing Worked out as Planned
    Emotional TV – Guilt
  3. Grandmother Died – Depressed
    Caught Feelings for Someone- Good Boyfriend after Shit Ex
  4. A Loved One Suffering – Melancholy and Admiration
    Difficult Talk with Boyfriend – Cutting Onions